Manchester City 3-1 Southampton (28.11.2015) Live Commentary

The players of both teams deserve praise from their managers and supporters for their performance on the pitch. If they carry on with this attractive football, the fans will be surely satisfied. The first half performances were not very balanced but rather in the hosting team’s favour. The home team tries to find the weakness in the opposition’s defence especially with rapid counter-attacks unlike the players of the away team who present themselves with possession football.
That is the end of the match.
What an amazing save by Wilfredo Caballero (Manchester City)! Sadio Mane (Southampton) swirls around the defenders and attempts to beat the keeper with a close-range shot low towards the middle of the target, but fails.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) is punished for violating the rules with a yellow card.
3 min. of stoppage-time to be played.
The assistant referee raises his flag, and one of the players from Southampton got caught in the offside position.
Flag goes up against Wilfried Bony (Manchester City). The referee blows the whistle for offside.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) sends a pass which fails to reach any of his teammates.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) takes the corner, but the goalkeeper jumps and gathers the ball.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) fires from the edge of the penalty area. The ball travels towards the bottom right corner, but Wilfredo Caballero comes with a save and doesn’t allow it any further. The ball is out-of-play, and the assistant referee points at the corner flag. Southampton will take it.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) with a teasing cross into the area, but Maarten Stekelenburg intercepts the ball.
David Silva (Manchester City) tries to send a pass but it’s blocked.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) decides to have a shot at goal from the free kick, but it hits the defensive wall.
Steven Davis (Southampton) pulls the shirt of his opponent and only escapes without punishment due to the benevolence of the referee. Manchester City have a free kick from a promising distance.
Here’s the change. James Ward-Prowse left the pitch, and Juanmi (Southampton) came on as a substitute.
The game is interrupted as Sadio Mane (Southampton) is flagged for offside.
Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) sends a long ball in, but Maarten Stekelenburg comfortably gathers the ball.
Manuel Pellegrini prepares a substitution. Raheem Sterling is replaced by David Silva (Manchester City).
The attendance for today’s match is 54102.
The ball is cleared after Sadio Mane (Southampton) attempted to dribble past an opposing player.
The referee signals a substitution. Fernando (Manchester City) is brought on as a substitute for Fabian Delph.
It’s a goal! Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) scores with a brilliant shot into the bottom right corner after being released inside the box by a superb lofted pass from Kevin De Bruyne. The score is now 3:1.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) attempted to pick out a free teammate inside the box, but Wilfredo Caballero comes off the line to clear the ball away.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) unleashes a rocket of a shot towards the right side of the goal, but the goalkeeper denies his attempt with a stunning save.
Maarten Stekelenburg makes a brilliant save! Yaya Toure (Manchester City) weaves easily through the defence and fires the ball from mid-range. His low shot goes towards the middle of the goal, but it is denied by the mentioned goalkeeper!
The referee signals that it is time for a substitution and Wilfried Bony (Manchester City) will replace Sergio Aguero.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) with the corner, but it is intercepted by the defender.
Shane Long (Southampton) is first to the rebound but his shot is blocked. Wow, what an escape there for the opposition. The assistant referee makes a right call and Southampton will have a corner.
Wilfredo Caballero hears fans clapping for his superb goalkeeping. He stops the close-range effort from Dusan Tadic (Southampton) with a magnificent save. The ball would have probably ended low inside the middle of the net.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) unleashes a shot from the edge of the box, but it goes straight at Maarten Stekelenburg (Southampton).
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) takes the corner, but the opposition’s defence is ready to clear the ball to safety.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) produces a solo run, but he fails to create a chance as the opposition player cuts him out. The main referee and one of his assistants signal for a corner kick. It will be taken by Manchester City.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) crosses the ball into the box from the free kick, but the defence clears the danger.
An opponent rises to his feet after being downed by Sadio Mane (Southampton). Roger East saw his sliding tackle and calls for a foul. Manchester City are awarded the free kick.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) swings in a promising cross from the free kick, but one of the defenders does a perfect job to avert the danger.
Martin Demichelis (Manchester City) makes a bad challenge on his opponent and is booked by the referee. Southampton win a free kick and they are able to continue with another attacking move.
Roger East shows the yellow card to James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) for a heavy challenge.
Shane Long (Southampton) fails to beat the offside trap and the linesman puts his flag up.
The free kick is delivered by James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) but it is not one of his best and easily cleared.
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) jumps into tackle, but Roger East blows his whistle for a foul. A free kick to Southampton. It’s in no position to be converted into a direct shot on goal.
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) unleashes a powerful shot towards goal, but it is blocked by a self-sacrificing defender.
Sadio Mane displays his great technique and produces a beautiful lofted cross deep into the box, where Shane Long (Southampton) manages to convert it into a superb goal. He heads it into the roof and gets on the scoresheet – 2:1.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) nearly creates a chance, but his attempt to pick out a teammate with a through ball does not come off.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) is trying to send the ball in front of the goal, but the opposition’s defence averts the threat.
Half-time substitution. Ronald Koeman decided to make a change. Oriol Romeu is replaced by Dusan Tadic (Southampton).
The whistle blows and Roger East starts the second half.
There has been no time for the supporters to get bored during the eventful opening 45 minutes. Both teams’ performances were spiced up with some breathtaking situations. Manchester City were controlling the game most of the first half. The home side is creating their opportunities using lightning-fast counter-attacks. The tactic of the away side is slow build-up play.
The referee blows his whistle for half-time, so nothing more will happen in the first half of this match.
Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) is being forced to leave the pitch in order to receive medical treatment and his team will play with a man short for a few minutes.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) attempts to slip the ball through the defence, but is unable to find any of his teammates.
Fourth official shows 2 min. of added time.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) skips past his man but can’t keep the ball in play.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) produces a long ball across the pitch to find his teammate, but he fails.
Southampton are ruled offside.
Wilfredo Caballero blocks the effort to deny Shane Long (Southampton), who takes a shot from the edge of the box.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) takes the resulting corner which is averted.
Steven Davis (Southampton) produces a lovely ball into the penalty area but the defender manages to intercept and comfortably averts the danger. Southampton forced their opponent to concede a corner.
The corner from James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) is hurriedly cleared.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) serves in a nice cross, but the defence clear the danger. Southampton will take a corner kick.
Steven Davis (Southampton) sends a quick through ball into space for his teammate, who is lurking on the offside border, but one of the defenders intercepts and clears the danger.
Ronald Koeman is forced to make a change. Jose Fonte is not able to carry on due to injury. He is replaced by Steven Caulker (Southampton).
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) was in a good opportunity when he latched on to a cross from the side, but his strike isn’t accurate at all and the ball goes well over the bar.
Jose Fonte (Southampton) is asking for medical treatment, but he will have to leave the pitch in order to receive help from the physio.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) stands over the resultant free kick from mid-range, but his shot goes just over the crossbar. It could have been a fantastic goal!
Nicolas Hernan Otamendi (Manchester City) should know this behaviour is beyond the rules. He was too careless with his challenge and made Roger East blow the whistle. Another situation results in a direct free kick for Southampton.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) collects a rebound and produces a promising attempt. The ball goes to the middle of the goal, but Wilfredo Caballero (Manchester City) keeps it out with an amazing save.
Steven Davis (Southampton) takes the resultant free kick from the edge of the box to find one of his teammates with a cross, but the keeper gets to it first and climbs high to collect the ball.
Roger East blows the whistle for a foul. Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) hacks down one of his opponents. Southampton will take a free kick.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) slaloms his way past challenges, but an opposing player does well to get the ball away.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) passes the ball from the edge of the box in order to find his teammate, who is in a good scoring position, but the defender blocks the pass and spanks the ball to safety.
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) decided to speed play up by taking a quick free kick.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) makes a reckless foul in order to win the ball from his opponent. Roger East has a clear vision and blows his whistle. A free kick for Manchester City. They most likely won’t attempt to directly endanger the goal with this one.
Yaya Toure (Manchester City) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge.
Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton) tries his luck with a long-range shot, but the ball crashes against the bar. Great effort!
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) picks it up in space and from the edge of the box gets a shot that is deflected and goes past helpless Maarten Stekelenburg. 2:0.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) steps up to take the corner. He launches the ball into the penalty area, but it only finds the head of an opposing player who averts the danger.
Fernandinho (Manchester City) meets a cross on the edge of the box, and he produces a header which goes towards the right side of the goal, but one of the defending players blocks the effort. The ball goes out-of-play. Manchester City are awarded a corner kick.
Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City) is about to take a corner kick.
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) has a shot blocked from inside the box. Manchester City win a corner.
Fabian Delph (Manchester City) delivers a fine lofted cross into the penalty area which is cleared by an opposing player.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) lifts the ball into the box from the corner, but one of the defending players gets there first to head it clear.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) fails to produce a decent enough free kick for a player of his ability and the only target that he finds is the wall of defenders in front of him. The ball is out-of-play. Manchester City will have a chance to score from a corner.
Oriol Romeu (Southampton) makes a foul. At least that’s what referee Roger East signals. Manchester City win a free kick. A promising situation for a direct shot.
Nicolas Hernan Otamendi (Manchester City) reacts well near the penalty spot to connect with the resulting corner, but fails to direct his header into the back of the net. The ball floats high over the bar.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) will deliver the ball into the penalty box from a corner kick.
The resulting corner from Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) is cleared. The assistant referee points to the corner flag, Manchester City are going to take it.
Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) dribbles into the box, but Maarten Stekelenburg is quick enough to come off his line and stop him. Manchester City have a corner.
It’s in the back of the net! Raheem Sterling sprays a pass out to Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City), and he has an easy job to slot the ball into an empty net. The score is 1:0.
Jose Fonte (Southampton) sends a crossfield pass, but there is nobody to take up the ball and finish.
Aleksandar Kolarov (Manchester City) stands over the free kick and it is him who takes it, sending it towards the top right corner only for Maarten Stekelenburg (Southampton) to dive and make a save.
Roger East blows the whistle, Victor Wanyama (Southampton) is penalised for a foul. Manchester City get a free kick.
Fernandinho (Manchester City) fires the ball from distance, but it’s blocked by a defender.
Bacary Sagna (Manchester City) sends a beautiful cross into the penalty area. The opposition’s defence manages to clear the ball to safety.
Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) receives a precise low pass inside the box, controls the ball and drills it towards the right post. Unfortunately for him, Maarten Stekelenburg (Southampton) makes a great save to stop his effort.
The match has just begun.
Southampton will kick the game off.
Today’s referee will be Roger East.
The starting lineups of both teams are already revealed and you can check them out in the details of this match.
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