Manchester United 0-1 Southampton (23.01.2016) Live Commentary

Most of the fans who found their way to the stadium must now regret their decision. It was a waste of money to behold such a boring game. Hopefully, it will get better in other games. It was a very tight match, with not much between the two teams. The home side’s tactic was what is called kick and rush football and the tactic of the away team was counter-attacking.
That is the end of the match.
Wasted opportunity. Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United) gets to the rebound inside the box and smashes the ball just wide of the right post.
Daley Blind (Manchester United) takes a mid-range free kick in attempt to find one of his teammates with a cross, but the goalkeeper gets to it first and climbs high to collect the ball.
Oriol Romeu (Southampton) fires from the edge of the penalty area. The ball travels towards the middle of the target, but David de Gea comes with a save and doesn’t allow it any further.
We will have 5 min. of added time.
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) acted too fiercely in his attempt to get the ball from his opponent and Mike Jones calls for a foul.
The attendance is 75408.
The ball is whipped in from the resulting set piece and finds the head of Charlie Austin (Southampton) who rises and produces an amazing header that goes into the bottom right corner.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) is going to send the ball in from the free kick.
The referee stops play so that a substitution can be made and Adnan Januzaj (Manchester United) comes onto the pitch for Cameron Borthwick-Jackson.
Jesse Lingard (Manchester United) whips the ball into the penalty area, but one of the defenders is alert and spanks it away.
The ball is behind the sideline and Southampton will take a throw-in.
Shane Long (Southampton) shows good awareness deep inside the box as he latches on to a cross from the resulting free kick. He jumps high and produces a towering header which lacks accuracy and flies well over the crossbar.
The referee signals that it is time for a substitution and Charlie Austin (Southampton) comes onto the pitch so that Sadio Mane can be given a rest.
The assistant referee raises his flag. Mata (Manchester United) is adjudged offside.
The statistics of shots at goal – 1:2.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) sends in the corner, but he fails to find the head of any of his teamamtes, and the the defence makes a clearance.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) dinks a cross into the box as he attempts to find one of his teammates, but the defence manages to make a clearance. Southampton get a chance to score from a corner kick.
James Ward-Prowse (Southampton) unleashes a shot, but his effort is not successful at all and the ball floats high over the bar.
Ronald Koeman has decided to substitute Dusan Tadic and he is replaced by James Ward-Prowse (Southampton).
The substitution is prepared. Oriol Romeu (Southampton) joins the action as a substitute, replacing Jordy Clasie.
Now Manchester United with a corner.
Paddy McNair (Manchester United) crosses the ball into the box, but one of the defending players averts the threat. The ball is out-of-play. Manchester United will have a chance to score from a corner.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) was the quickest one to orientate himself inside the box and leaps to connect with a cross from the corner kick. He produces a fine header, but it flies narrowly wide of the left post. The ball goes out-of-play and Manchester United will have a goal kick.
Southampton force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Corner kick, taken by Jordy Clasie (Southampton), is headed out of the penalty area by one of the defenders. The ball goes out-of-play. Southampton are awarded a corner kick.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) races towards goal but the defender gets back well to make a challenge. Southampton have been awarded a corner kick. The main referee and one of the assistants point at the corner flag.
Shane Long (Southampton) seems to have picked up a minor injury, but it looks like he will be able to continue playing.
Louis van Gaal is forced to make a change. Matteo Darmian is not able to carry on due to injury. He is replaced by Paddy McNair (Manchester United).
Shane Long (Southampton) requires medical treatment, so the referee stops play and signals for the physio to come onto the pitch.
Matteo Darmian (Manchester United) is clearly asking for some medical attention with his painful gestures. How serious is his injury is yet to be found out.
Manchester United didn’t take advantage of the corner to score. The opposition’s defence is alert and averts the threat.
Morgan Schneiderlin (Manchester United) fails to send a pass into the box. His effort is cut out. Manchester United will take a corner kick.
A quickly taken corner by Manchester United.
Ander Herrera (Manchester United) swings in a cross, but the ball is cleared to safety by one of the defending players. Good work from Manchester United as they win a corner.
Mike Jones interrupts the game. It was a tactical foul from Virgil Van Dijk (Southampton). Manchester United get a free kick.
Jesse Lingard (Manchester United) slides a pass forward, but one of the defenders cuts it out.
The ball is whipped in from the corner by Daley Blind (Manchester United), but one of the defenders gets it clear.
Ander Herrera (Manchester United) sends a lofted cross into the box which is headed clear. The assistant referee makes a right call and Manchester United will have a corner.
Sadio Mane (Southampton) fails to beat the offside trap and the linesman puts his flag up.
Half-time substitution. Marouane Fellaini is replaced by Mata (Manchester United).
The game restarts for the second half.
Let’s hope the managers of both teams will be able to stir the players to much bigger passion. Until now the game presented by them has lacked any interesting and exciting moments. Both teams try to control the game but unsuccessfully. Their overall performances are more or less even. Long balls and crosses are the strongest weapons of the home team. The away team tries to find the weakness in the opposition’s defence especially with rapid counter-attacks.
The end of the first half.
Jesse Lingard (Manchester United) unleashes a powerful shot towards goal, but the ball is blocked by one of his teammates.
There will be a minimum of 2 min. of added time.
Ander Herrera (Manchester United) clips an inviting cross into the box, but there’s no one in a position to get on the end of it.
The current number of shots on goal is 1:2.
The main referee and his assistant both signal a throw-in for Southampton.
Dusan Tadic (Southampton) commits an offensive foul and referee Mike Jones immediately signals a set piece.
Manchester United are showcasing great team work and neat passing move.
Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) takes the corner but fails to find any of his teammates as he overhits the effort.
Shane Long (Southampton) sends a cross into the box. However, the opponent’s defence eliminates the danger by clearing the ball out. The ball goes out-of-play. Southampton have been awarded a corner kick.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) leaps high deep inside the box to meet a beautiful cross from the free kick and attempts to score with a header. His effort is not accurate at all and goes well over the bar.
What a poor attempt! Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) drives another shot towards goal – this time from further out, but it couldn’t have been worse if he had shot blindfolded. The ball goes miles wide to the right.
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (Manchester United) sends a cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence quickly intercepts the ball.
Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United) sends a pass which fails to reach any of his teammates.
That was a poorly executed free kick from long distance. Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) was trying to produce a cross into the penalty area, but his effort sailed off the pitch.
Morgan Schneiderlin (Manchester United) should know this behaviour is beyond the rules. He was too careless with his challenge and made Mike Jones blow the whistle.
Cedric Soares (Southampton) collects a pass and strikes from about 25 metres out. It’s a poor attempt which flies well over the bar.
Jordy Clasie (Southampton) requires medical treatment, so the referee stops play and signals for the physio to come onto the pitch.
Anthony Martial (Manchester United) manages to beat his opponent to the ball, but he commits a foul in the process.
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) collects a pass and strikes from about 18 metres out. It’s a poor attempt which flies well wide of the left post.
Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) sends a long ball across the pitch, but it didn’t find its way to the target. The ball is out-of-play. Southampton will have a throw-in.
Shane Long (Southampton) swings a cross into the box, but is far too close to David de Gea (Manchester United), who smothers the ball.
Ander Herrera (Manchester United) produces a dangerous low pass into the penalty area, but the defence manage to cut it out.
Victor Wanyama (Southampton) is able to continue to play.
The game is interrupted now, Victor Wanyama (Southampton) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Another attempt to send the ball beyond the defence by Marouane Fellaini (Manchester United) is averted and cleared away to safety.
Daley Blind (Manchester United) gets into a good scoring opportunity. He creates himself some space and tries his luck from distance, aiming to the middle of the goal. His decent effort is denied by Fraser Forster (Southampton).
Ryan Bertrand (Southampton) was trying to get to the ball but hit the legs of the opponent as well. Mike Jones blows the whistle for infingement.
Morgan Schneiderlin (Manchester United) makes a rough challenge and Mike Jones blows his whistle for a foul.
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson (Manchester United) put a cross into the box which wasn’t a bad decision, but he failed to achieve what he wanted as none of his teammates managed to meet it.
Anthony Martial (Manchester United) makes a yard for himself and goes for goal from long range. It never troubles the goalkeeper as it flies well wide of the left post.
The assistant referee signals a throw-in for Manchester United.
The Manchester United players are exchanging some short passes, and they control the game at the moment, but one of the defending players steps in and intercepts the effort.
Shane Long (Southampton) fizzes over a cross which doesn’t cause any danger.
The referee blows his whistle and we are underway.
The players are on the pitch and Southampton will have the kick-off.
Mike Jones will supervise the game today.
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